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Windforge Patch
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Another Windforge patch! Some changes for those of you who want to play during the weekend. šŸ™‚

Lots of memory optimization so hopefully this will help those of you who are having trouble with framerate issues.

TheĀ Windforge Version 1.0.8076 Release Notes can be found on our Steam Community forum!


Patch, Packages & Pilots
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Starting off the week with a patch! Many practical fixes have been applied. Some more subtle than others, but still nice improvements! Check out the release notes on our Steam Community forum!


We’re happy to announce some new options for purchasing Windforge! Some supportive fans have been wondering if there was another way to donate and/or help support the development of the game. Not to mention those who were late to the party and missed out on the Kickstarter goodies! So we’ve decided to offer some new packages!


The packages are now available at windforgegame.com!


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got some COOL SHIPS to share with you! Courtesy of our awesome fans, here are some of a favorite ships from last week!

Geeves_Viticus - The Eye
The Eye by Geeves Viticus
by Ishizko
ShaSha - Flying Furnace
Flying Furnace by ShaSha
Meowster Milly - Kai Kalana
Kai Kalana – Meowster Milly

Windforge Wiki + Patch
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We’re glad to see our community embracing Windforge! We always want to make sure fans are participating and up to date with what’s happening! You’ve all been so supportive by sharing your experiences with us on the Snowed In Forum, and the Steam Community Page. That being said, we’d like to formally invite everyone to contribute to the…


Official Windforge Wiki
Click to visit the Wiki!

Know some great mining methods? Do you have pointers for building awesome ships? Want to warn fellow players unbeknownst of dangers?

Head over to the Team CurseĀ hosted Curse wiki to contribute your knowledge and tips!

Windforge Version 1.0.7941

That’s not all! We’ve got another patch for you! Consistently delivering improvements, we’ve listed out all the fixes here!

The patch is now live on Steam, and will be updated on all other platforms periodically.