Welcome to Snowed In Studios

Ottawa's largest game development studio, we have been working with indies and AAA titles since 2009 on titles that include Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Madden, Forza Horizon 5, Dead By Daylight, Deus Ex, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout Franchises to name a few.

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What We Do

Nothing gives us more pride than creating video games. We can help bring your project to completion, or build a game 100% from scratch.

We can help build the software you need to stand out against competitors, convert browsers to buyers, or teach just about anything.

Let our designers and engineers bring your vision to reality - whether it's a massive networked experience or a humble tech demo.

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Our Services

  • AAA Project Support
  • Full Game and App Production
  • Engine and Tool Development
  • Artistic Direction, Art and Animation
  • Cross-Platform Deployment
  • Optimization and Debugging
  • UI/UX Production
  • Creative Development and Branding
  • Gameplay Performance Improvement

Across all major consoles, web, mobile and PC!

Our Valued Clients

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Our Team

We were founded in 2009 by a group of experienced software developers and engineers. Our game development team can bring your game to life from design to release and everything in-between, whether it's fixing bugs, building tools, creating 2D or 3D art, designing levels, constructing intuitive UI, and more.

Even as the studio has grown to over 200 employees, we always stay true to our philosophy of being a no-crunch studio guided by one simple principle: People First. We strongly believe that a team needs to be happy, healthy, and be free to have a life outside of the office to do their best. This attitude helped us to be named one of the Best Places to Work in Ottawa, Best Places to Work in Canada, and be the home to the Best Boss in Canada.

Other Benefits

Health & Wellness

  • Unlimited Sick Days
  • Flexible Vacation
  • Health Benefits
  • Counselling Services
  • Parental Leave

Work-Life Balance

  • No Crunch
  • Flexible Hours
  • Paid Personal Days
  • Flexible WFH/In Office

Career & Culture

  • Leadership Training
  • Clear Career Progression
  • D&D and Movie Nights
  • Hack Day
  • BBQs and Potlucks


  • RRSP Matching
  • Public Salaries & Ranges
  • Keyword Stocks
  • Regular Cost of Living Increases


“My favourite things about Snowed In are the comradery, being able to share in what's both a passion and a hobby with fellow peers, and knowing that everyone is just as excited as you are when new things come out.”

Luc Labelle — Software Developer

“I love the variety projects we work on. Our culture is very people-focused; everyone is so genuine, caring and inclusive!”

Allissia Le Henaff — Software Developer

“Snowed In genuinely values and protects a good work/life balance, while also offering interesting work and opportunities for career advancement.”

Tim Sandwell — Senior Software Developer

Visit Ottawa

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa has a rich history as well as numerous attractions, museums, and galleries to explore across the city. Skate on the Rideau Canal in the winter, bike the Capital Pathways, or even take a hike in Gatineau park, as well as many more locales beyond the city limits.

And Snowed In Studios has a host of internal events and meetups you can attend. You can meet Ottawa’s local game dev scene at meetups Snowed In hosts, as well as drop in on our D&D and movie nights, and potlucks and BBQs throughout the year!