VIDEO GAMES We love creating our own games, as well as partnering with other teams to help finish and ship games across PC, mobile, and console platforms. Nothing gives us more pride than releasing a game that is fun, energetic, and memorable! INTERACTIVE MEDIA Looking for something that will help you stand out against your competitors? Need to find a more effective way to engage your audience? We provide content that can help you achieve all your communication goals. CUSTOM SOFTWARE Have something specific in mind that needs a creative solution? We’ve got you covered when it comes to creating unique software on anything from massive networked experiences to tech demos.
our specialties
DESKTOP We do software development for PC and Mac, focusing on:
  • Graphics + Rendering
  • Networking
  • User Interface + User Experience
  • Gameplay Interaction
CONSOLES Working on console content is our jam, and we will:
  • Create PS4 and Xbox One console content
  • Technical certification requirements
  • Skilled and licensed to develop on all current consoles
MOBILE We harness the potential of mobile devices and push their limits by:
  • Developing cross-platform
  • Communicating through games, apps, + experiential marketing
  • Integrate 2nd screen experiences for PS Vita, Wii U, + Nintendo 3DS
  • Building in-app purchasing and monetization
CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT Our knowledgeable creative team can tackle all your needs, including:
  • Game Design and User Experience
  • Visual Conceptual Development
  • Branding + Marketing Assets
  • User Interface Design
  • In-game art + Animation
PROGRAMMING We get deep down into the “nitty-gritty” of code to:
  • Work within popular and proprietary engines, platforms, frameworks + tools
  • Build and fine tune engines, drivers, rendering + networking systems
  • Solve your deepest and darkest development problems
the team

While some companies think they should have an epic story describing how their company was forged by the hands of the gods themselves, and was created to bring balance to the gaming universe; we prefer to keep things a little more real. Founded in 2009 by a group of video game industry veterans, Snowed In Studios is an independent, privately-owned video game and interactive media developer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We work on projects across a variety of fields including (but never limited to): traditional video games, interactive museum exhibits, touch- and gesture-controlled software, training software and graphic visualizations. We also don’t just specialize on one platform either – we’re adaptable to any. Our team has done work on all major game consoles, mobile devices and even some really neat custom platforms.

JEAN-SYLVAIN SORMANYCo-Founder, President,
Senior Software Engineer
TIM VITOCo-Founder, COO,
Senior Software Engineer
EVAN HAHNCo-Founder,
Senior Software Engineer
clients + partners
contact us
400-981 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 2Y1