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Windforgegame.com Update
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Windforgegame.com has received new updates! We’ve been so busy with gathering feedback and reception of the game lately, and we’ve got some cool new material to show you!

The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting the site is the brand new artwork we’ve got in the background by our Art Director Tara Phillips! Check out more of her stuff on her Deviant Art page (brainleakage).

Windforge Illustration

We’ve also expanded our navigation to include a few more options, among which is a new News page, a link to the Snowed In Forum, as well as a Media page filled with more great content!

We’ve added downloadable media such as screenshots, avatars, wall papers, and a preview of the soundtrack!

Best of all, we’ve been glad to see the response of all the players  who’ve built their own custom airships! Check out the thread on the Windforge Steam Community page! Here’s one of our favorites by Steam player Geeves Viticus!

Geeves Viticus

Show us know what kind of Airship you’ve built by posting a picture on the Screenshot Your Ship Design thread!

Thanks to all the fans for supporting and sharing with us! We’re still working on Windforge, making updates to improve the gaming experience! 🙂

Be sure to stay tuned to Snowed In Studios via our blog and social media for more news!

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