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Windforge Version 1.0.7857 Release Notes
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Thank you to all the players who’ve been helping inform us on all the happenings in Windforge! We’re aware there are still some issues, and we’re working towards fixing them. Here’s how the second official patch breaks down!

  • Removed the periodic auto-save
  • Fixed an issue that could possibly cause save game corruption
  • Added a visible error message if saving your game fails
  • Extra error log information
  • Improved object clean up if objects fall out of area bounds
  • Fixed up certain block pickup drops
  • Apothecary item selection improvements
  • Fixed the display names of some items
  • Tool tips no longer disappear on larger screens
  • Fixed final cut-scene trigger
  • Fixed the traveling between towns achievement
  • Fixed an exploit enabling players to craft recipes when not close to the needed tool
  • Enemies now spawn in the cloud layer
  • Fixed frequent periodic slowdowns in the Driftstone Fortress
  • Fixed the damage of poisoned hunting knives
  • The largest basilisks will drop Lifestone fragments now
  • The Giant SOC enemy in the Driftstone Fortress will drop a Lifestone now
  • Fixed a problem preventing equipped weight from hindering characters movement
  • Potential fix for a crash when destroying place-able objects in town
  • Fixed a “divide by zero” problem with the camera scaling

Note: This patch will only be available on Steam. Other platforms will receive a more complete patch on Friday.

Note: There is still an issue where the game can run out of memory while saving which will cause the save to fail. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible.