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Windforge Version 1.0.7842 Release Notes
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Windforge’s first OFFICIAL PATCH is now live on Steam! Other platforms will update within the following days. The team has heard all the feedback the community has given as and we’ve made a LOT of changes! Take a look!


Crash Fixes

  • Temple Destruction sequence crashes
  • Possible fix for Box2d Crash (in relation to the physics system)
  • Background object leak (should resolve some memory issues)
  • Crafting crashes
  • Equip slots/pockets no longer appear on stash and store pages (can cause save file issues)
  • Fixed achievement crash when giving keys to the king

Physic Fixes

  • Fixed the problem where moving up in a ship and exiting the control panel, player goes into the ship floor
  • Fixed incorrect fall damage taken when using grappling hook
  • Letting go of the control panel while flying fast no longer causes fall damage
  • Fixed visible ruin blocks that don’t have collisions

Visual Fixes

  • Fixed some visual issues on crafting page
  • Camera now compensates for size of the window.
  • Fixed scale of loading screen text
  • Slight store redesign
  • Fixed iron color to match the iron color of the blocks
  • Fixed the choke vine size
  • New colors for Temple Guardians

Logic Fixes

  • Issues with detecting ships in the dock which prevented ship saving
  • Characters no longer run around because of rain
  • Tweaked enemy spawn rate (enemies no longer spawn as frequently)
  • Made Driftstone escape easier
  • Fixes to spawning bugs where enemies were dynamically saved and not spawned
  • Fixed a problem with tool kit proximity check
  • Added right click support to the stash
  • Fix for not being able to repair foreground blocks where you have background blocks.
  • Fix for Fallthrough achievement
  • Fixed some store bugs
  • Added right click support to quick buy /sell things
  • Crafting page no longer allows you to craft items that require tools that aren’t nearby
  • Player will now die if you fall out of the Temple of Cordeus Interior
  • Fixed confirm box not closing when you destroy a ship with the dock master
  • Added sorting to inventory items, recipes and stores. Made stores show price instead of quantity in right-hand column

Other Minor Fixes