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Windforge Coming to Steam in March
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We have some great news at the studio that we want to share!

Not only was our Kickstarter campaign for Windforge a success, but the game was greenlit by the Steam Community January 7.

Windforge is Greenlit

That means we are now working hard to add the last few features and polish to the game, which will release Tuesday, March 11 on the Steam Store.

We want to extend a big thank you to our Kickstarter backers and to the Greenlight community for getting behind us. We could not have done it without you!

We also decided to make a pre-release of the game available for sale here on the Windforge website, because we received so many requests over the last month for early access. Check it out if you want to get a good sense of what’s coming in March.

Windforge Pre-Release for Sale

Next week we will have more of an update on the game and how it is developing.

Be sure to stay tuned to Snowed In Studios via our blog and social media for more news!

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