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Windforge Version 1.0.8163 Released
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Ship Created By:  [ESC] Keys of the Eighth Dawn
Ship Created By: [ESC] Keys of the Eighth Dawn
Windforge Version 1.0.8163 has just been released.  Here’s our latest batch of changes. There’s a good mix of bug fixes and improvements. Some highlights include an autosave when you transition between areas, automatic ship anchoring at the dock, save sorting based on date modified, and more. Check out the full list below:

  • Airships will get deleted when you remove all of their blocks and objects.
  • Shader Tweaks.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing some quest related achievements to not get rewarded right away.
  • Tweaked squid corpse block placement.
  • Fixed block highlighting.
  • Fixed grappling hook while using control panels and turrets.
  • Improved bug where your equipped items may be different when you load.
  • Save games will be sorted by their date modified now.
  • The game will autosave when you transition between areas, and backup your previous auto save to an extra file.
  • Automatic ship anchoring when you load or place your ship at the dock.
  • Your ship will be automatically anchored if it can fly and it is offscreen, to prevent it from drifting away as you explore.
  • Added a lot more information to the tool tips for some of the inventory items.
  • Made hydrogen weightless in your inventory.
  • Fixed some problems with the grinders.
  • Crafting and quest items will be filtered into a miscellaneous category in the inventory now.
  • Fixed naming errors for a few temples.
  • You can no longer indefinitely spawn the rubedo boss.
  • The crafting screen will display the craft quantity if it is higher than 1.
  • Fixed a problem where the pain and death sounds for some of the characters were the wrong gender.
  • Removed some unneeded materials and textures


Note to non-Steam users:  We are currently uploading the new version to our other stores.   It should be available soon.