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Windforge: Rising Fire
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Hey, this week we have another Windforge video from Pax to show off.  This one shows off a special region in the world called the Luftart.  It has upwards rising air and periodic eruptions of deadly fireballs.  Check it out:


The Luftart is a region formed from the hot air rising from the core of the world.   It can be especially dangerous for travelers, because sometimes the core will also release fireballs along this giant column of air.   Check out the map below to see where it’s located in the world (it’s the vertical region right in the middle.)


These fireballs are actually the origin of the meteors found in the upper atmosphere.  The fireballs get ejected into space and then rain back down into the upper atmosphere.  Luckily the fireballs tend to burn up and break apart during their travels so they tend to be a lot smaller when they rain back down into the world.

The fireballs can occasionally get very big.  Check out the screen shot below to see what I mean.  That large one on the right can easily destroy most ships in one hit.

Most of the world won’t be this challenging.  The Luftart can be easily avoided if you don’t mind going the long way around.  If you do need to travel through the Luftart, there are effective strategies for survival, but I’ll let you figure those out when you play.

Let us know what you think so far!  If you like what you see you should totally vote for us on Steam Greenlight and spread the word!

Another quick note.  I’ll be on vacation next week, so there probably won’t be a blog post.  They’ll resume like normal the week after.