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Windforge: Ship Construction after a Whale Battle
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Hey, we have another Windforge video to show this week.  This one has a very quick whale battle, a tiny bit of whale mining, and constructing a ship out of the corpse at the end.  If you came to see us at PAX you might of already seen this video playing on our TV.  Check it out here:



This is probably the video that got us the most attention during PAX.  Which isn’t surprising, since it has some crazy stuff in it, and Windforge might be the first game ever to let you dig into the bodies of dead animals and make flying airships out of them.

By the way, I should probably point out that this is definitely not a game about killing whales.  That is just something that you can do in the game.  You will never be forced to slaughter whales.  Windforge is all about freedom.

This video is also a good introduction on how to make a functional ship in case you missed our ship construction video from a very long time ago.  Here’s a summary of the parts placed on the whale ship:

  • A balloon to provide buoyancy.  This reduces the number of propellers and engines needed to stay in the air.
  • A control panel, to control the ship when it’s done
  • A horizontal propeller to apply left and right forces.
  • Some vertical propellers to apply up and down forces.
  • An engine to provide energy for the ships components.


Also, as absurd as making a whale ship sounds, it actually has a practical purpose in the game.  Since the whale bodies fall after they die, they might end up landing in a place that you don’t want.  (like on your house.)  Making a ship out of the whale will give you a practical way to remove the body.


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