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Back from Pax!
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Hey, I just got back to the office after Pax yesterday.  The conference went awesome, and we met tonnes of cool people.  Thanks to everyone that came to check us out!

This was our fourth time showing Windforge at a conference.  Even though it was exhausting, I feel like this time went the smoothest out of all of them.  This is partly because we are more experienced now, partly because our demo is a lot better, and partly because we were part of the Indie MEGABOOTH this time.  The Megabooth people did a lot to make our experience easier, and help us with networking, etc.

Here’s  some pictures of our booth:

Me and Alex just after we set up the booth.
The booth from the other angle.
Windforge booth in action
Jared, Me, and Alex, at the end of the conference


Feedback, Etc.

All of the conferences we’ve been to have been great opportunities for play testing, and to get feed back.  Since the game is meant to be a full RPG, it’s hard for people to get the full experience of the game in just a few minutes of play.  That said though, just a few minutes of watching people play and give feedback was really valuable.

Here’s a few notes we took during the conference.

  • It’s easy to get knocked off of islands.  (especially when whales ram you)
  • Riding on the back of whales is awesome!
  • A lot of people like to jackhammer through city walls and murder people.
  • It’s not obvious to everyone that you can transition to other areas.
  • The repair tool works really well, but it might be overpowered.
  • Some people didn’t want to kill whales.  (you will never be forced to kill whales, btw)
In our hurry to get things set up, we forgot to give people paper to write down crazy ideas this time around.  This is a bit of a shame, because there were some cool ideas last time.  Looking back at our blog post from Pax East, we had a list of the most popular ideas from the conference.  I’m proud to say that we managed two of these ideas into the game.  (flyable whale corpses, and grapple hooking to creatures)
Of course, it’s not too late to give more feedback or ideas.  If there is anything you want to see added or improved, let us know!


Miscellaneous Pics.

Here’s some other miscellaneous pictures from the conference:


Danny B and Me
The only Steam Punk Guy we saw during the whole show
The first guy to create a whale ship at Pax!
Like always, if you like what you see vote for us on Steam Greenlight and spread the word!
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