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New Video & Indie Games for Good Interview
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New Video – Windforge: Airship Siege

Every other week we’ll be releasing a new gameplay video on our Youtube Channel so make sure to stay tuned!

This week we’re bringing you another PAX video showcasing some an action-packed airship firefight!!

The video also gives a great sense of the freedom WindForge provides players! Shoot their ship down to smithereens? Take out the motors and let them crash? Or just jump ship and take out all the enemies yourself!

The choice is yours!!


Interview: Indie Games For Good Marathon

October 20th marks the date of the 3rd annual Indie Games For Good Marathon!! This event provides an exposure to indie games while encouraging people to donate to Child’s Play. Play games for a great cause!

Best of all, this year they’ll be interviewing our very own Evan Hahn! The interview will be a live stream for all to watch at 2 PM Pacific.

Get in touch with this wonderful campaign on FacebookTwitter and help the indie community!


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