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Windforge: Ship Squish
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This week I’m going to show a really quick clip from a trailer footage.  It’s a video of me squishing an enemy with my ship.  This clip didn’t make it into the final video, but I still think it’s worth showing.


Squishing damage was a feature I added a while back, but I don’t think I ever had a chance to show it off.  Prior to this feature, you were able to rest giant ships on top of people’s heads.  (it looked pretty weird)

Squishing damage also effects the player, so you will have to be more careful around ships.  Make sure you don’t get caught underneath a crashing ship, or get sandwiched between a cliff, ship, and an angry whale.

It works horizontally as well, so you can also ram enemies against walls.

The squishing damage is indirectly based on the mass and velocity of the ship.   Currently it requires two opposing impulses to count as squishing damage.  When I first implemented the feature I made it so you only needed one, and unified it with the falling damage that was also applied to the character.  This made it so you could do damage to enemies by ramming them, even if they weren’t pinned against a wall.  It also made it so if you hit a wall sideways really fast you would also take damage.  (this can happen when using the grappling hook, getting blown by a really strong propeller, etc.  )

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would, even though it’s technically more “realistic”.  Every time I took damage from hitting a wall too hard I felt cheated.  Maybe decades of playing platformers conditioned me to believe that I shouldn’t take damage from hitting a wall.

In the end, I decide to simplify it down to what’s in the game now.  Luckiliy, this also made things more predicable and easier to tune.

By the way, if you’re curious about how the procedural generation works in Windforge, I’ll be doing a talk about it at OIGC 2013.  If you want tickets, they had a promo last week for $100 dollars off.  I’m not sure if the promo is still in effect but it’s worth a try.  Register with “smash promo”.

Also, if you like what you see, we are looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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