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Windforge: Whale Mining in Action
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We have another video from our trailer footage to post this week.  This time the highlight is the whale mining.  You also get to see me build with meat blocks very briefly.  Check out the video below:

I feel like the video makes the sky whales seem easy to kill.  I’ll have to show some videos later of what happens if a whale manages to hit you or your ship.

I went straight for the stomach once I started mining.  Whales like to swallow things, and you can often find harder to digest items stuck in their stomach.  This one had a gun that was probably left over from someone unfortunate enough to be swallowed.

Once I got back on my ship, I decided to build a new room onto my ship, using some of the meat I harvested from the whale.  Why would you want to make a meat room?  I can’t think of any practical reason to build with meat.  Maybe aesthetic value?

That said, the room doesn’t feel complete without background blocks.  We are planning on adding background meat blocks at some point so that aspiring meat architects can perfect their craft.

I’m also dreaming of a feature where meat blocks will increase the chances of certain creatures spawning.  This would help give meat blocks a practical purpose other than building with them for your own amusement.  For instance, if you wanted to hunt Shaugs for their leather, you could place meat blocks down to attract them to the area.

The whales are my favorite creatures in the game right now.  All this talk of whale mining is making me feel bad for them.  They are actually fairly friendly if you don’t attack them.

Hitching a ride on a friendly whale


Anyways, let us know what you think, so far!

Also, if you like what you see, we are looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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