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Windforge Giant Basilisk City Fight
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Hey, we still have more videos left over that are worth showing from that footage that we captured for our trailer.  This week I’m going to show a quick clip of a fight between me and a giant basilisk in the town of Alderstein.  Check it out below:


These creatures are one of the hardest enemies in the game right now.  Luckily the gun I was using was really good, so I was able to take it out fairly quickly.  That said, I barely made it through the fight.  I actually ended up getting a bit lucky too, since I was able to jump on it’s back, and it had a hard time hitting me after that.

Since we are still pre-alpha there are some things we need to fix up, including some frame rate drops, and some tweaks to the basilisk collisions and AI.  We are also working on giving the basilisks actual shooting animations.

There are also some picky details that I like in the video.  Like the way that the windows break when the fireballs hit them, or the destruction caused by the basilisk even after it was killed.  I also found dodging the fireballs to be really satisfying.

Let me know what you think!

Also, if you like what you see, we are looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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