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Kraken vs. Skywhale: Windforge T-shirt Design
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It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Snowed In. We’ve been hard at work putting polish on our Windforge demo for PAX East and GDC, and we are all getting very excited to show the game to people and see what you think. We want to make sure that the demo is in the best state possible for showing and the conferences, but we are also busy getting graphics printed for our booths, planning all the logistics, and, of course, producing some sweet giveaway merchandise for all the awesome fans and future fans of Windforge.

You’ve already seen the magnets that are currently being printed as you read this, but we’ve also put together something especially awesome for the t-shirt connoisseurs out there. Free t-shirts are always appreciated in the world of giveaways, and we wanted to make sure that a) these shirts would represent the feel and spirit of the game and b) are something that all of us here at the studio would proudly wear and enjoy long after the conferences are over.

After throwing around a lot of ridiculous ideas (including Skywhale-mining shirts and Indiana Jones poster spoofs), we finally settled on the classic and internet-popular Squid vs. Whale motif – with a Windforge twist, of course! What better way to represent the excitement and action of Windforge than with an epic Kraken vs. Skywhale design?


The Process: From Sketch to Screenprint

As an artist, I always find it interesting to see the process that goes into designs and images that I really dig. Being able to see a design move from a tiny concept seed to full-grown beautiful art is kind of cool, and it gives you a look into the techniques and process that artists incorporate to get their specific results.

With that in mind, I thought I would share my process for designing a 2-Colour t-shirt design for screen print. I always start on a piece of paper. I know it’s not as environmentally friendly, but there is just something about starting with a fresh sheet of paper and a slightly dull pencil that really gives me a sense of freedom that I don’t feel jumping directly into Photoshop. Paper is my idea playground. I sketch out a number of different ideas and then when I’m happy with one, I fire up Photoshop and start refining my imagery, the layout orientation, and style. For this design, I wanted to take advantage of that awesome screenprint look by using solid colours and halftones to get all the details I possibly could while being constrained to only two flat colours. While I love the green and purple colour combo in my progress file, we definitely thought that the white and brown colour scheme represented Windforge more accurately.

Finally, I added in the typography and the texture overlays, and viola, you have a T-shirt design that I, for one, am very excited to rock at PAX East! We are planning to give the t-shirts out to anyone who comes by our booth and manages to emerge victorious from a Skywhale battle in the demo. We will also have some other contests happening that will allow you to snag an awesome t-shirt. More info to come on those details so stay tuned!

If you’re heading to PAX East or GDC, make sure to stop by our booth to play the game, say hi, or bring us a caffeinated beverage! We would definitely appreciate any or all of those things.