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Windforge at OIGC
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Hey, OIGC (Ottawa International Game Conference) happened last week.  The conference was a blast.  I didn’t get to see many talks, but the ones I did see were great.

Most of my time was spent in front of our Windforge booth.  This experience was awesome.  We had some great opportunities to show off the game and discuss it with people, and some great ideas were exchanged in the process.

One of the highlights for me though was that some people gave me a wrapped gift while I was at the booth.  It was a small plastic whale.  Check out a picture on my desk below:


I also did a talk of my own during the conference.  It was about the procedural world generation in Windforge.  The talk went really well, and people seem really interested in the topic, so I decided to put my slides up on the web.  You can check them out here:



I was actually a bit conflicted about putting the slides up.  Part of me is worried that it would ruin the “magic” of the game if people know how it works behind the scenes.  So, if you are the type that doesn’t want to know how a magic trick works before you experience it, you could always wait till after you play the game to check it out.

On the other hand, if you are a game developer that is thinking of using procedural generation in your game, you should totally check out the slides.  If you use any of the techniques in the slides, let me know!  I love discussing this stuff, and it would be great to hear how well they work for other people.

Like always, if you like what you see, we are looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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