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Windforge Conference Brainstorming Results
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Hey, thanks to everyone that sent ideas for the Windforge conferences over.  I pretty much want to do everything that people mentioned.

Here’s a summary of some of the ideas in no particular order.

  • A life sized cardboard cutout of a Windforge ship
  • Somebody offered to sketch the visitors of the booth
  • Windforge wind chimes
  • Windforge character cosplay
  • Winforge Anvils
  • Skywhale Pinatas
  • Floating remote control Skywhales
  • T-Shirts
  • Coin-sized Windforge Gears
  • Steam-punk Jackhammers
  • Diesel punk themed booth
  • Skywhale Balloons
  • Gas Masks
  • Steampunk goggles


The the next step will be to figure out what we have the time and money to actually do.  Hopefully reality won’t hit us too hard…