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Help Design Windforge Giveaways
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Hey Guys,

So PAX East and GDC are fast approaching and we are trying to put together some awesome giveaways. It’s always fun collecting a bunch of cool stuff whenever you go to an expo and we want to make sure we give away some good stuff as well. We thew around the idea to come up with some pretty crazy stuff like actual flying sky whales and other over the top things… but alas we are but a small studio that dreams big.

Once we got our heads out of the clouds we thought it would be fun to give away some vintage looking magnets. We mocked up a bunch and were hoping to get some feed back. Which ones are your favorites below?

Vintage Magnets Designs


We are also planning on making some t-shirts to give away and are working on some ideas to make shirts people would actually like to wear. We’d love to hear some of your ideas.