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Windforge: Giant Fire Basilisk Deathfight!
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One of my favourite new enemies we added to Windforge recently are the Giant Fire Basilisks.  They’re giant flying, lizard-like creature that shoot fireballs at you.

The fireballs are slow moving and easy to dodge.  (I also find dodging them to be really satisfying)   They’re meant to be a challenging enemy to fight, and you won’t likely see them at this size till you start exploring the upper atmosphere.

That said, I wanted to see if I can take one with just a shotgun.  I’ve documented my experience bellow with screen shots.


The Fire Basilisk Approaches



The fireballs start coming. A direct hit from one of these probably would’ve killed me.



Dodging fireballs and frantically shooting at the beast



It lands on the ground. I jump on its back before it can crush me or knock me off the island. I got lucky here. It can’t shoot me while I’m on its back, and my shotgun can do massive damage from this close.



Unfortunately, it flew off the island before I could kill it. I could have stayed on its back, but if I killed it, I probably would have fallen to my death as well.



I managed to kill it as it circled back around. It crashed hard, breaking blocks and leaving a crater behind.


That was a good fight.  Let us know what you think.  Also, we have a page up on Steam Greenlight.   If you like what you see you can vote for us here:   Windforge on Steam Greenlight!