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Windforge: Fire From Above
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Hey,  I finally got around to adding meteor showers to Windforge.  This is something that I’ve been excited about adding for a really long time, and so far I really like how they are turning out.   Check out a screen shot of them in action below:

Looking for shelter during a meteor storm


It’s hard to see in the screen shot, but if you look really close you’ll see a lot of really small meteors coming down like rain.   The sizes of the meteors will vary, ranging from really small to really big.  The big ones can do quite a lot of damage so you’ll have to make sure to avoid these.

Ship wrecked during a meteor storm


There are a range of strategies that you can take to survive effectively during a meteor shower.  These will likely involve some combination of taking shelter, avoiding the larger meteors, and constructing ships that can survive the storms better.

You may also be able to find moving shelter in the form of giant flying whales that have evolved to withstand the onslaught of meteor showers…


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