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Windforge Ship Battle Uncut
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Hey, we hope you enjoyed that last video we posted.  We gathered a lot of footage for that video that I’m planning to show off in more detail over time.  This week I posted a clip of a ship battle from this clip.  Check it out below:


As you know the game is pre-alpha, so there is still a bunch of stuff that we need to add and fix up.  There’s also a few obvious bugs in the video (at least for me).  That said, there’s also a lot of things I like about it.

In this battle, my ship was fairly well armored, but the other ship had double my fire power.  Because of this, I decided to close the distance really fast and ram their ship.  This worked out really well for me, and even though I lost one of my turrets in the process, I managed to destroy all of their left ones very quickly.  One thing I really like in this video is that if you look closely, around 19 seconds in you can notice one of the propellers on my ship sucking two of the enemies out of theirs.  After the turrets are taken out, I decided to jump onto their ship and take them out one by one.  This went fairly smoothly until a bug prevented me from hitting the last guy with my machine gun.  Luckily my knife still worked.

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