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The Dust has Settled
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Hey, things are finally settling down since we got back from Pax East and GDC.  Doing both conferences back to back was exhausting, but totally worth it.  The response for Windforge was awesome, and really encouraging.

Here are some pictures of our booths:

Pete, Tim, and Alex at our Pax East Booth
Our booth at GDC Play



The T-Shirt Contest

It turns out that the t-shirts were a hit during the conferences.  Enough people asked to buy them during the conferences that we decided to start selling them online.  Check out our store here:



Steam Punk Folk

We also made up a rule during the conference that anybody dressed up in a steam punk outfit automatically gets a t-shirt.  Mainly because steam punk costumes are awesome.   Some people let us take their picture.  Check them out below:






 Awesome Neighbors

We really lucked out with our neighbors during Pax.  Everyone around our booth was awesome.  Check out a picture of some of the people below:

A post-Pax photo shoot with our neighbors in front of the Ackk Studios booth


Here’s some links to the companies in our section at Pax.  You should totally check out their games!


Crazy Ideas

Finally, we left pieces of paper on the table where people could semi anonymously write down there comments or ideas for the game.  These are some of the most popular ideas that people had roughly in order of popularity.  Actually making it so you can attach ship components to whale corpses and fly them around was by far the most requested feature.  If we have the chance I want to make all of these ideas come to life!

  1. Flyable whale corpses
  2. Attaching grappling hooks to enemies
  3. Controlling creatures by standing on top and attaching a rope
  4. On screen landmark indicators