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Surviving the Lower Atmosphere in Windforge
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In a previous blog post I gave an overview of Windforge’s world, named Cordeus, and some of it’s major geographical features. This post is going to focus specifically on the lower atmosphere.

Windforge Gas Layer on World Map
The location of the gas layer on the Cordeus world map

The lower atmosphere will be the most challenging environment type in the game. It’s filled with a poisonous gas that cannot be breathed in by humans. It will also be home to some of the most challenging creature types, such as the giant squid. Luckily, it is also holds the most rewards, like rare and expensive metals, old derelict ships, and other secrets that I won’t give away right now.

Windforge Ship Wreck
The player explores a ship wreck in the gas layer

To survive that gas layer you, will constantly need to be aware of your surroundings and your breath meter. While your character is surrounded by gas, his or her breath meter will constantly go down, and when it reaches zero you will start taking damage. Finding pockets of clean air will replenish your breath supply, but naturally occurring air pockets will be few and far between, and just the act of getting to an air pocket can pollute the pocket with gas.

Luckily, you will have some tools at your disposal to help you survive. These include:

  • Equippable items to lengthen the time you can breath
  • Air purifiers that can be placed to clean the air around them

Using these tools you will be able to outfit your ships and outposts to be breathable, and lengthen the amount of time you can spend between your ships and outposts.

Windforge Air Purifier
Close-up of the air purifier in Windforge
Windforge cave pocket breach
This is what happens when your purified pocket gets breached

You will also have to modify the way you build your structures to be suitable for the gas layer. We’re envisioning the following building patterns to be particularly suitable for gas layer design:

  • Building airlocks using a pair of doors, or hatches
  • Compartmentalizing structures so that if the outer walls are breached, gas won’t get in
  • Key placement important rooms so that they remain usable even if the structure takes lots of damage
  • Enclosed mining outposts with strategic placement of air purifiers

All in all, our goals for this layer are to help pace the game without using invisible walls, add new building design constraints, and invoke your sense of survival. Check below for some more screen shots of this in action.

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What do you think? Are you looking forward to exploring the lower atmosphere?