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Town Building in Windforge
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Things are still moving along well with Windforge. One of the things we are currently working on is making better towns. They’re turning out really well, so I wanted to share what we got so far.

To make the towns that we wanted, we needed to make a few more place-able objects. One of my favourite new additions are the roof blocks. These are versatile slivers of roof, that let us avoid making jagged block roofs all the time. Check out a few of them in action below:

Windforge Clocktower

Windforge Hospital Roof

Windforge Armour Store Roof

Next, here is a zoomed out view of the town.

Windforge Zoomed Out Town


Wrath of the Sky Whale

I forgot to turn off creature spawning while I was taking the screen shots, so I got visited by a Sky Whale as well. It was just flying around minding its own business, but I couldn’t help attacking it to see what happens. It ended up smashing through the walls in the building until it killed me. Just because they are docile unless attacked doesn’t mean they are pushovers. If I didn’t die so quickly, it would have leveled the town to get to me.

Windforge Sky Whale Town Attack

Finally, everything we are using to build our town will be craft-able in game, so everybody will be able to use them to make ships and buildings. I can’t wait to see the towns and ships that people build!

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