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Walstrome: Heart of the Economy, Bane of the Whales
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Now that we have all the basic mechanics implemented for placing blocks and objects, building towns like Walstrome has become a snap. We have begun ‘construction’ on a number of new town levels that will be essential to the story line, and one thing that has become a major focus: a unique look and feel.

Each town has its own theme; Alderstein has a hospital and a stately clock tower, Englestrome is the Capital city and also home of the University, Wurstein is the hunting village where the Sausage factory is (don’t ask what kind of meat they’re using for those sausages), and Walstrome is a whaling Port which features a large industrial Whale Oil Refinery.


Giving Walstrome its personality

In today’s blog post, I want to introduce the process behind creating a unique look for a town. While Windforge is a building block game, we have the opportunity to diversify that building block look with the implementation of Craftable Objects (such as roofs, chairs, light fixtures, and yes, even toilets).  Walstrome has been a particularly fun town to work on as it has a lot of unique features to create. While there will still be the need to use generic craftable objects such as ladders and windows, unique features are what will really bring a personality to the town.

Since Walstrome has a much more industrial feel, we are working on creating a number of new Craftable Objects for the town, including:


These are some Whale Oil Barrels. These are planned to be explosive if shot at.


These are the four orientations of the new Meat Grinders, which you will also be able to place on your ships to mow through islands and other ships/buildings.


What factory would be complete without dangling Meat Hooks? We are also considering the possibilities of placing these on the bottoms of your ship.


Tin Roof
A differently sized, flatter tin roof to give a more industrial feel.


Differently sized conveyor belts. The top one is a background item, the small one is a two-way block and the bottom one is a full depth block. These can be combined in any number of ways to create interesting depths and orientations.


More examples of Factory-like objects for placement in the Refinery.


Examples of more “Fishing Port” type objects including tileable railings, a mooring pole, harpooning tools, and a lighthouse.

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Let us know what you think about the new town assets!