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Windforge: Stronger, Faster, Smarter
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Windforge Rooftop Jumping


Character Progression in Windforge

A lot of people have recently been asking about how the character progression system works in Windforge, so this post will go over how it will work in detail.

We currently have five stats planned that will affect how your character will play: Health, strength, agility, intelligence, and weight. We also have five perks planned for every stat except weight. Perks will be gained automatically as your stats increase to certain levels, and even temporary increases to your stats gained through armour or medicine, will give you perks.



Health affects your body as a whole. It increases its ability to take damage and heal itself. Increasing your health will increase your total hit points. (i.e. the amount of damage you can take before you die) The perks associated with this stat generally revolve around making your character more resilient, such as getting more health from eating, and health regeneration.



This stat makes you stronger and allows you to use your weapons more effectively. It will affect the damage you do from throwing and close combat, as well as the amount of recoil you get from your guns. The perks for strength fit this theme as well. Some examples include adding a stomp landing ability, and allowing you to aim miniguns everywhere instead of a smaller angle in front of you.



Agility affects your ability to move, allowing you to explore and avoid damage more effectively. Increasing this stat will increase your movement speed and your jump height. Most of the perks for agility affect your ability to move, like allowing you to double jump off background walls and trees, or execute quick dashes and super jumps.



Intelligence affects your ability to think, analyze situations, and win arguments. Increasing your intelligence will allow you to get better prices while buying and selling. The perks for intelligence make you more analytical and inventive, allowing you to do things like determine the hit points of your enemies, and craft masterwork equipment.



This stat is different than the other’s because it’s generally bad for you. Increasing your weight will decrease your movement speed and jump height. Your weight will be affected by the armour and weapons you equip.

We currently don’t have any perks planned for your weight. (Although now that I’m writing this, I’m starting to get some ideas that might be pretty cool.)


What have we done?

All of these stats are implemented in the game right now and we are currently experimenting with different perk ideas. Like always, we would love to hear any thoughts, opinions, or cool ideas you might have.

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