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Windforge: Up Close and Personal – With Knives
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A while back we made a video about the weapons we had in Windforge so far.  Once of the things the video was missing was our melee attacks.

I addition to the weapon types shown in the video, you can now use melee weapons like knives and fists to defend yourself.  Like everything else, they will also damage blocks, so you could also use them to break through walls or for mining if you are desperate.

Mining with my bare hands.


Much like your guns, melee attacks can go in all directions, so you won’t have to  resort to awkward positioning to hit what you want.  You can also equip your knives, etc. into your secondary item slot to allow you to quickly use you knife when needed.  (like Metal Slug, and other games with quick melee attacks).


Attacking a basilisk with a knife


I expect that most of the time people will want to use guns when they are able, but there are definitely times when a trusty knife can come in handy.  Times like when:

  • You are out of ammo, or want to conserve ammo.
  • An enemy is to close and you want to knock them back.
  • You have a high end knife that does a lot of damage.
  • You like to show off.

I also have some top secret things that I’m trying out for the melee attacks that will be tied in with your ability perks.  I’ll wait till I have a chance to properly test things before I talk about this.  That said, if anyone has any cool ideas that they would like to see the melee attacks do let me know.