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Windforge Propellers = Dangerous Fun
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A while back we added some extra functionality to the propellers in Windforge that I don’t believe we’ve talked about yet.   Propellers do a whole lot more than just move your your ships around now. The major additions we added are:

  • Propellers will work on buildings now as well as ships.
  • Propellers blades will damage things now.
  • Propellers will blow / suck objects like characters and ships.
  • Propellers don’t propel your ship in enclosed rooms any more.


Chop, Suck, and Blow

Propeller blades collide more realistically with other objects now, and will damage and knock back anything that gets in their way.

This means that you will have to be more safety conscious when placing propellers.  If you place propellers in places that you commonly walk you might accidentally hurt yourself.  Also, since propellers will suck and blow objects, you’ll have to be careful that you don’t get sucked in, or get blown right off your ship.

This propeller is a death trap if you try to jump over it


It’s not all bad though.  Propellers will also suck in your enemies and hurt them.  You can use this to your advantage by itself , or use them in combination with grinders to create really dangerous machines.

For example, you could use propellers to suck enemy ships towards hazards.  Or, if you are really devious, you could create creature processing factories, that will suck nearby creatures into grinders for delicious pickups.


 Propeller Elevators, and More

Hovering Above Propellers


Propellers can also have some interesting uses in architecture.  They can be used as a  fun alternative to stairs by making them blow upwards.  This effectively creates propeller elevators that can be used for getting up and down.

You can also use propellers defensively by making them blow outwards.  This will make it harder for enemies to get near you, and soften or even repel ship collisions.


This platform is suspended  in mid-air by propellers.

I have a feeling there are other crazy things you can do as well.  For instance, propellers can be used to suspend platforms, and other structures.  I haven’t played around with this too much yet, but it may be possible to make hover trams, or more proper elevators.  If you get any other crazy ideas that you would like to see happen let me know and I’ll give it a try.

Also, if you like where this game is headed, you can help support us by voting for Windforge on Steam Greenlight.