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The Ottatron Game Jam
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So, I’m currently participating in a Ottatron Game Jam here in Ottawa, hosted by the indie game development collective: Dirty Rectangles.  The people running the thing have one of those old arcade tables that you can sit at and play (like the picture below.).  I thought it would be awesome to make a game to be played on one of these things so I took a stab at it.


Plant Fight!

The game I decided to make is called Plant Fight.  It’s a two player game where each player takes control of plant like tongues growing out of the mouths of floating heads.  Player’s will have to control all of their branches simultaneously with only their four directional keys.  The person to stay alive the longest wins.

The time limit for this game jam is basically a whole month, which is really long for a game jam.  Even though I’m making the game in my spare time, I felt really guilty working on it when I could be working on Windforge.  I felt like I was cheating on it…

Because of this, my goal was to make Plant Fight in a day.  I drank a crazy amount of coffee, queued up some working music (mostly Opeth), and went at it… and failed.   I managed to get the core game play done in a day, but not what I considered a finished game.  (Even simple games are hard to finish in a day.) Luckily, I liked the game enough to put some more time in.

Check below for some screen shots of the finished result:


Hopefully, people find it fun.  I haven’t tested it with two actual players much.  Even if everyone hates it though, I actually had a lot of fun making it.  I kind of feel like working on it some more, but I’m cutting myself off for now.    I also made a quick development log if anyone’s is curious about what else I had planned.

Here’s a download link if anyone wants to try it:   Download Plant Fight!

Note that the controls are a bit weird since they are set up for the Ottatron.   Check out the readme.txt to find out what they are.

I would love to hear what people think of the game.  If enough people are interested, I’ll work on it a bit more and make a version that’s a bit more suitable for a traditional PC.