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Artistic Evolution of Windforge
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As with most long-term creative processes, Windforge has had a colourful development process so far. During over a year of development, the game has evolved quite a lot technically (and continues to do so!), but it has also visually changed in style as the art direction becomes more well-defined and clarified.  The art team has been working hard to create more assets as well as improve on old ones.  This process has allowed the team to get better acquainted with the feel and atmosphere of the game.  It is exciting to “find your groove” when it comes to the art style, but it’s also important to take a step back and access the conformity of the visuals in the game.

For example, some earlier assets created near the beginning of Windforge’s development no longer mesh 100% with the style that is currently being produced.  It’s been an interesting process to follow; new game play features might inspire the art team in a new way and, likewise, new art assets can sometimes inspire game play, story line, and character development.

Being open to change can be a good thing, just be prepared to rein things in as sometimes ideas and inspiration can run away with you (That’s why we like to use the Crazy Idea Board).



Today, we would like to introduce our second pass on the Windforge marketing materials for the Snowed In website, as well as the new Windforge webpage design which we will use to show off features, images, and the latest info about the game. As you can see, there is a pretty dramatic difference between the older marketing images and the new ones. We are attempting to move more into the direction of a little more grit and a more stylized colour palette (for example, the difference in the sky colours makes a HUGE difference to the look and feel of the game).

The top image is our old marketing image, and bellow is the new version.


The main reason for the new marketing images (aside from the need to update old assets, character design, and style) was because we felt that they portrayed an early version of the game focusing much more on mining and not as much on the game play, story line, action and excitement that Windforge represents. Don’t get me wrong, mining is an important feature of the game, but limiting the scope of Windforge to just being another building block game when there is so much more the game has to offer seemed, well, misleading.

We are really excited about all of the new character designing that we’ve been up to (we will be sharing these character designs soon enough!) and wanted to make sure this was emphasized in our new images. Also, ship building and battle is a huge part of the game play that gets us fired up, so why shouldn’t we show that? Below is a screen shot of the working layout design for the new Webpage for Windforge, and it includes the new marketing art assets.


Windforge Mock-up webpage
This new Webpage will be ready for the public soon!



Also, new promotional art means the opportunity for Wallpapers. Feel free to download a copy for your desktop, and let us know what you think about the feel of our new art!

Windforge wallpaper


Windforge logo Wallpaper


As always, if you like the game, be sure to up-vote Windforge on Steam Greenlight!

Let us know what you think about the new art!