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Welcome to the new Snowed In Studios website!
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Welcome to the new Snowed In Studios website. We’ve migrated to a new dynamic model that will allow for more frequent updates in order to bring you more of what’s happening with our studio!

It’s also a very exciting time for us, as we’re about to release our first mobile project ‘Monster Chase’ on Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone. Stay tuned to our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter to track the latest updates! We’ll be sure to send out a newsletter update as well. You can sign up for that in the column to the right of this post.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re also hard at work on a major¬†project entitled ‘Windforge‘. So far, the game has gone by many names and after some copyright, trademark and other hilarious issues – we’ve settled on this one. Visit the game’s page under our Projects section if you’d like to learn more. We’ll be posting regular developer logs¬†(meaning, you’ll get to track its development from now until release) starting soon. Check back to this page for all the latest info, or subscribe to our RSS feed in order to get all the latest info delivered right to you.

Finally, while many of you are likely used to hearing my voice when it comes to all things Snowed In, you’ll soon be introduced to Tamara, our new Marketing Associate, who will be filling this blog with all sorts of interesting info and game updates!

PS. We invite you to interact with us and comment on posts if you’d like to share something! We made it really simple for you, by integrating Facebook into the comments system. Simply log in using your account (if you weren’t already checking your Status Updates elsewhere) and fill out the form below!

PPS. Also, please be patient if you run into any bugs or issues with the website and be sure to send us a message on our Contact page to get it fixed ASAP!