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Monster Chase: The Developer Experience
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Yesterday marked the official release of Snowed In Studio’s first title for the mobile community: Monster Chase. In light of this, we thought we would share with you our thoughts about the development process for our first independent game. Enjoy!


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Tim: “It was a fun challenge playing with the different mobile platforms, dealing with their individual quirks while still attempting to create a similar experience on all of them.”


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Ryan: “It was a unique project to work on, and allowed for a lot of creative freedom. It was also a fun way to introduce ourselves to the mobile games market.”

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Pete: ”I helped to program Monster Chase on Windows, Android and iOS. I knew the code inside and out. Despite all that, I still can’t beat the thing!”

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Tara: “While Monster Chase is Snowed In’s first full game release, it was also my first project working in the Game industry. It was a fantastic project to introduce me to the inner workings of the creative process and work flow here at the studio, and it really gave me the opportunity to take an in-progress project and run with it. The challenge for me was to learn on my feet and make sure to ask as many questions as possible, a skill that I’ve been honing during my career as an illustrator and Graphic Designer. It’s been a really great transition moving from Graphic Design to Game Design, and I hope to continue to learn on my feet as Snowed In moves on with other new, exciting projects!”

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Tamara: ”Similar to Tara, this was my first experience in the video game industry in a marketing position. It was fun to work with the game, determine its key features that stand out in the crowded marketplace, and find exciting ways to communicate these features to kids, parents, and the industry as a whole.”


Monster Chase is an engaging and educational memory game for kids ages 4 to 9 for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone based off the award-winning game of the same name. More information can be found on the Monster Chase webpage or at each of the links below!

BUY for Apple iOS: bit.ly/LNvbWb

BUY for Android: bit.ly/N3FSJL

BUY for Windows Phone: bit.ly/KZWY8H

Gameplay Video: vimeo.com/42421907


Tried the game? We want to know what you think! Post your reviews or general thoughts for Monster Chase below.