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Video: Basic Ship Building in Windforge
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Today we are going to show off our first gameplay video (you can also watch it here) for Windforge. It’s a quick video showing the creation of a very basic ship, and then ramming it into a small building.

Windforge Ship Building Video

[embed_youtube src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/h-ehqeCyBu8″]
Although it’s a short video, I was still able to cover a bunch of important points on ship building:

  • Starting a ship by placing a ship scaffolding
  • Creating the body of a ship
  • Placing the essential ship components (propellers, engines, control panel)
  • Tweaking the handling of the ship by placing propellers
  • Arranging blocks for ramming (I forgot to mention that spiked blocks and armored blocks are better for ramming too)

I didn’t want the video to be to long, so I kept the ship very simple. You will be able to build your ship using all of the blocks and objects used for buildings. This will let you make much more elaborate ships.

There are also some cool things that didn’t make it into this video. Things like:

  • The weight of your ship will affect the handling
  • Creating and latching ships to other ships
  • Controllable turrets
  • Drills attached to ships
  • Crew members
  • Air purifiers to remove poison gas

I should also note that the game is very much still in progress. We are basically half way to getting all of our planned features in. This means that there are still a lot of features and polish left to do. That said I love how things are turning out so far.