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Windforge Progress Update: Halfway to Cordeus
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Today I thought we would give you a quick update on Windforge’s overall development process. Things are currently moving along, and we are getting close to completing our third milestone. After this, we will have three more milestones to go before we reach alpha. In other words, we are basically half way to Alpha!

Here are some fun screen shots of things we are working on right now (note that these are works in progress):

Windforge Fight 1

Windforge Placeholder Quest
A temporary placeholder quest in Windforge

Each one of our development milestones gives us some high level goals we are trying to achieve. Finishing milestone three will give us the fundamental conceptual building blocks we need to build the more advanced features and content of the game (not to be confused with the actual blocks in the game).

Here are some of the highlights that will be completed once we finish this milestone:

  • Procedurally generated worlds
  • Block, and object placement and destruction
  • Mining
  • Character movement and controls with the ability to aim 360 degrees
  • Character armour customization
  • Roughly 270 craftable items (and counting)
  • Basic humanoid enemies
  • Basic quests and NPC conversations
  • The sky whale

There’s also a lot more to come. We are going to cram in everything we can that makes sense in the time we have. Here are a few highlights of what’s coming:

  • Enemy ships
  • Hireable ship crew members
  • Special ship components like guns and drills
  • The atmosphere layers like the poison gas layer
  • The main quest line
  • New creatures and boss enemies
  • New weapons and items

Throughout our development process, I will continue my weekly blog posts on Thursday to keep everyone updated. If there are any topics that you would like to know more about for my upcoming posts, please let me know!