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Studio Tour: Windforge
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As we move forward with the development of Windforge, signs of the game become more abundant around the office. In light of this, we thought we would give you a tour of the office, Windforge style!

For those not familiar with the game development process, this should give you a better idea of what it looks like too!

Creative Direction

It all begins here: this is Evan. He is the creative director of the game, and is developing the narrative and game design that is the basis of Windforge. From there, we then design and develop all the features and functionality. Luckily, Evan is also a very skilled programmer!

Evan: Creative Director on Windforge
Evan: Creative Director on Windforge

Scrum Board

This is the Scrum Board. The team meets every week and determines the tasks to be completed and lists them on the board. Team members select what they want to work on, and move it to the ‘done’ column when finished! There are two of these; one for the artists and one for the programmers.

Windforge Scrum Board
The Scrum Board


A task is picked up and work begins. The artists usually start by drafting concept materials and bringing the Windforge vision to life. It’s always impressive to watch as them use their creativity to build the pieces that will be featured in the game!

Tara drawing Windforge Concepts
Tara drawing concepts for items in the game

Moving further through the office you come upon the programmers’ screens, where they build the elements that actually facilitate for gameplay.

Alex programming aspects of Windforge
Alex programming aspects of Windforge


It’s not all work here, though. We also like to have fun with Windforge. This is the crazy ideas board. Here you’ll find anonymous ideas that may be “crazy”, but are usually also pretty awesome. Some of these may even get incorporated into the game.

The Windforge Crazy Ideas Board
The Windforge Crazy Ideas Board

A few of us have the game logo as our backgrounds (download your own here!). Tara even has a rotating Glow Globe (or Glowbe) with a Windforge scene drawn on!

Tara's Glowbe and the Windforge Background
Tara’s Glowbe and the Windforge Background

We are thrilled to see Windforge coming to life as we start to bring the pieces of it together. As our last blog post stated we’re about halfway to Alpha so there’s still much work ahead of us, but we’re ready for it! The community support has been fantastic so far – and we hope you’re getting just as excited as we are to see this game in action!

(Most of) The Windforge Dream Team
(Most of) The Windforge Dream Team