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The World of Windforge
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Today we’re going to talk a bit about the world of Windforge named Cordeus, and go over some of its major parts.

Windforge World Map

Cordeus is a planet with a massive sky surrounding a fiery core. Scattered throughout the sky rest countless floating islands. The sky is a dynamic mass of air with predominant wind currents, and multiple layers of climates and gases. The sky currents and the atmospheres are major parts of the world and will be described in more detail below.

The Sky Currents

There are a few regions of the world with predominant winds that break up the atmosphere.

Along the poles lie columns of moving air called the Luftart and the Luftvien. The Luftart is a vertical region with a constant updraft. Occasionally, this region will carry fiery rocks up from the core towards space, which are hazards to travelers wishing to cross its path. The Luftvien is another vertical region with a constant downdraft. Although this region rarely carries rocks down back to the core, travelers still must be careful that they don’t let its strong downward currents pull it towards the uninhabitable lower atmosphere of the world.

Finally, there are regions of constant horizontal winds. The most notable are named Leviathan’s Drift and The Tradewyndes. These regions are prized trade routes due their strong constant winds and relatively sparse arrangement of islands.

The Layers of Atmosphere

The Upper Atmosphere

Windforge Upper Atmosphere

The upper atmosphere is a cold and dry region at the edge of space. Although the air is thinner here, it is still breathable and some types of life still thrive. It is relatively easy for humans to survive here, but it is not without hazards. Meteor showers are a recurring danger in the upper atmosphere, and can cause great deals of damage to unwary travelers and engineers. The vast majority of these meteors do not originate from space, but from the core of the world. The core will occasionally expel fiery rocks that travel up along the Luftart towards space. These rocks rarely escape the influence of the planet’s gravity, and will fall back down to the world as meteor showers.

The Middle Atmosphere

Windforge Middle Atmosphere

The middle atmosphere is a sweet spot in terms of temperature, moisture, and nutrients, creating an abundance of life. The islands of this region flourish with exotic jungles that provide ideal habitats for many forms of life. This is also the most comfortable altitude for human life to survive, and thus most of the world’s cities can be found here.

The Lower Atmosphere

Windforge Lower Atmosphere

This lower layer of atmosphere is filled with gases that cannot be breathed by most life on the planet including humans. It is said that there is a fortune of rare metals and resources in this part of the world, but there are very few people willing to brave its dangers in order to get them. Because of its hazards, this area is still mostly unexplored, and little is known about the life that inhabits it.

The Core

In the center of the world lies a fiery core. Not much is known about the core, since it is surrounded by a thick layer of poisonous gas and it its so hot that it burns up everything that gets close. All of the islands in the world are believed to originate from the core, and are formed out of the rocks that fire out of the Luftart, although there are still a few aspects of this formation that scientist still do not understand.

What do you think of the world layers? Anything you’d like to see in them? Let us know in the comment section below!