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2015 Round-up: Putting on a New Face!
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Our news waves have been fairly quiet in the last year. There are many excuses for this relative silence, including the fact that we’ve been very busy working away on multiple projects, but frankly, it’s probably got more to do with the fact that we still have to improve on our PR skills!

New Years’ Resolution, perhaps?

In any case, we’ve had a lot of exciting things happening this year at Snowed In, so we’d like to take this opportunity to give you some updates.

First, we are refreshing our branding! The “S” logo is slowly phasing out and being replaced by a logo that we feel is much more expressive of what we do. The Art Team tackled this redesign with abandon, and there were many directions explored, but we settled on the controller with icicles. We feel this image speaks to the playfulness of what we do.


With the rebranding also comes the opportunity to renew the website! Our previous website was hard to navigate through and was a little confusing for everyone. Out goes the “2010” design, welcome to “2015”!

This year, we also grew the studio from 11 to 16 people. We’ve got some great new talents that we’re really happy to have on board:



Because of this growth, we also had the opportunity (and necessity!) move to our new office space, which we got to renovate to match our style! Our employees are now enjoying more welcoming common spaces like the Kitchen with the communal white board (which is a favorite among all the budding artists!)  and a larger Meeting Room.


On the project side, we’ve been working on many opportunities including our contribution to WarHammer 40K: Eternal Crusade (With BHVR), some great projects with the Kratts Brothers, our continuous efforts with development of technology for Intel, and many more projects we can’t really talk about publicly (sorry!). We’ve also developed some nice technology that we hope to use for our own game in 2016.


Finally, we take this opportunity to wish you a great 2016!


Windforge Version 1.0.8296 Released
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Did you know that there are two types of whale mining in Windforge?  (Screen shot by Steelflame)
Did you know that there are two types of whale mining in Windforge? (Screen shot by Steelflame)


We have a new patch ready for this weekend. Some highlights include game options for your zoom level and autosave, optimizations for gas filled areas, and various bug fixes and usablility improvements. Check out the full list below:

  • Improved pickup collisions
  • Crew members will react better to taking damage
  • Gas simulation and rendering optimizations
  • Upgraded FMOD from version 1.00.02 to 1.03.06
  • Fixed a bug that caused the gas mask breathing bug to play indefinitely
  • Fixed some problems with the auto turret charge and fire sound
  • Sound tweaks
  • Switched to the proper music for the final temple and final cutscene
  • Fixed the problem where glitchy physics could sometimes catapult the player
  • Fixed a problem that allowed you to drop or sell quest items
  • Added a gameplay options tab
  • Added a gameplay option to control the game’s zoom level
  • Added a gameplay option to toggle the auto save when you transition between areas
  • Fixed a crash where enemy ships fall out of the world
  • Fixed a character animation slowdown bug that was especially apparent when waiting in town for a long time
  • Added quest indicators over people you need to talk to
  • Improved the auto selection of your active quest if none is currently active
  • Added Hud indicators for aggressive bosses that are off screen
  • Fixed up the damages for some of the fire and acid balls

This version is available on Steam right now, and will be available on the rest of our stores as soon as possible.

Windforge Version 1.0.8163 Released
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Ship Created By:  [ESC] Keys of the Eighth Dawn
Ship Created By: [ESC] Keys of the Eighth Dawn
Windforge Version 1.0.8163 has just been released.  Here’s our latest batch of changes. There’s a good mix of bug fixes and improvements. Some highlights include an autosave when you transition between areas, automatic ship anchoring at the dock, save sorting based on date modified, and more. Check out the full list below:

  • Airships will get deleted when you remove all of their blocks and objects.
  • Shader Tweaks.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing some quest related achievements to not get rewarded right away.
  • Tweaked squid corpse block placement.
  • Fixed block highlighting.
  • Fixed grappling hook while using control panels and turrets.
  • Improved bug where your equipped items may be different when you load.
  • Save games will be sorted by their date modified now.
  • The game will autosave when you transition between areas, and backup your previous auto save to an extra file.
  • Automatic ship anchoring when you load or place your ship at the dock.
  • Your ship will be automatically anchored if it can fly and it is offscreen, to prevent it from drifting away as you explore.
  • Added a lot more information to the tool tips for some of the inventory items.
  • Made hydrogen weightless in your inventory.
  • Fixed some problems with the grinders.
  • Crafting and quest items will be filtered into a miscellaneous category in the inventory now.
  • Fixed naming errors for a few temples.
  • You can no longer indefinitely spawn the rubedo boss.
  • The crafting screen will display the craft quantity if it is higher than 1.
  • Fixed a problem where the pain and death sounds for some of the characters were the wrong gender.
  • Removed some unneeded materials and textures


Note to non-Steam users:  We are currently uploading the new version to our other stores.   It should be available soon.