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Throwing Fun In Windforge
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One of my goals for the crafting system and items in Windforge, is to make it so you can start with nothing and build your way up to creating advanced weapons and ships.  That way if you found yourself stranded on an island, naked and defenseless, you’d be able to craft everything you need in order to survive.

There are a lot of guns and other advanced weapons in the game, but until recently there weren’t any basic projectile weapons.  This made the game really difficult if you started with nothing.

To fix this problem I added a bunch of basic throwing weapons to the mix.  Now if getting up close to enemies with knives isn’t your thing, you’ll have more options.  I’ve written about some of them below.  Note that the artists haven’t had a chance to make proper art for these yet, so they’ll look different in the final game.


Throwing Rocks

The most basic throwing weapon you can create are throwing rocks.  It is very easy to find the ingredients and craft these.  Unfortunately, they don’t do a lot of damage, but they get the job done if you’re desperate for a ranged weapon.

Trying to fight off some basilisks with nothing but rocks



Throwing Knives

I also added throwing knives into the game.  These are still pretty easy to make, and they are a lot more effective than rocks.  Throwing knives can also be poisoned which can make them deadly even late game.

Throwing a knife from the safety of a rooftop.



Triple Throwing Knives

If a single throwing knife isn’t doing the trick, try three.  The crafting system will let you combine three knives into a triple throwing knife item.  This will fire a spread of knives that will make it easier to hit your target and potentially do triple the damage.  I find it really satisfying to jump around and throw these things in combat.

A deadly spread of knives



Random Facts About Throwing Things

There are a more advanced throw-able items that I haven’t mentioned yet, but even these basic ones will have their uses throughout the game.  Here are some random facts about the throwing items.

  • Your strength will affect the damage that your throwing weapons do.
  • Thrown items follow an arched trajectory, which makes it possible to attack enemies by lobbing things over obstacles.
  • Propellers will blow them around.  This can be dangerous if you’re not careful, but it could also be used to your advantage
  • Most of them are cheap and easy to create, which makes them great if you are low on ammo.
  • The knives can be poisoned.  This allows you to use deadly guerrilla tactics on tough enemies.
  • Throwing knives make me feel like a ninja.